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Smitten by MilkywayScribbles

What's this? A new character with Hazel? A boyfriend? Why yes he is! :la: 

This is a concept my partner, :iconsimply-nicole: and I have been collaborating on for a few months. I'm sorry for the delay of its post, but it took us a while to pull everything together. Here is a link to her beautiful piece: Captivated

Anywho, you're all probably wondering who this handsome punk is? Well he is Elliot. The future love interest for our lovely Pallet Town country girl. :meow: He spurred out of a sketch design I did, and seeing it had a "bad-boy vibe" Nicole ran with it, and helped me concoct a solid backstory for our Byronic hero. We first started with the concept that he became an orphan at a young age, and seeing no one wanted him, he grew up in the orphanage. He did however, have his deceased father's Pokemon by his side, and soon Elliot only formed an attachment to them and no one else. He becomes distant, very anti-social as he keeps up the appearance of being intimidating. He ends up shutting a lot of people out of his life, and stays content in his own world. 

As he ages, Elliot attends his first year of community college, and ends up serving an internship with none other than the famous scientist in the making, Gary Oak. And how does this great opportunity magically happen? Through my original idea, and wonderful added touches by Nicole, we came up with a semi-solid plotline. There is a contest being offered to all Kanto trainers, entailing the random drawing of lucky Pokemon aspiring individuals who get to spend the entire summer being trained under the most extraordinary professional Pokemon individuals in the region. Gary at this point is a famous researcher, so of course he's thrown into the mix as one of the candidates to be trained by. However while this is going on, Ash is away in another league tournament and possibly promoting Pokemon welfare (I don't know why, but I can see him kind of being a spokesperson and writer in discussing proper rights Pokemon and trainers have while being a champion on the side too). So due to the fact that he was away, he never had a chance to be accepted into the contest and gain an intern.

Being out of the loop as usual, Ash gets a big surprise when he comes home. He overhears Gary bragging about hundreds of kids wanting to be interns under him, leaving Ash to feel inferior. From there, he scrounges up a lie, boasting back and forth like an overgrown child that he has just as many kids wanting to learn from him, if not more. But clearly, Ash is in a pickle. With the start of the internship coming close, Ash becomes desperate and seeks out the only person he knows who would fit the required age range and would be easy to swindle. Or so he thinks. In the midst of his panic attack, Ash runs back to Pallet and recruits his sister in making his lie "official". Though to no surprise, Hazel is annoyed and nags him on his bad choices and lack of thought. For some reason I see her with a methodical nature like their dad, sometimes correcting Ash on his terminology or grammar. lol. So in the end she begrudgingly agrees to help him, seeing she didn't have much going on in the farm raising town of Pallet. Except there was a boy she was crushing on... but he becomes old news real fast. ;p Then when they get back to Ash's work place, it's a silly game of "war" on Ash and Gary's part, proving who's the better mentor and intern. It's just more revisited nonsense from the Indigo League. Gosh, I love that season. :heart: 

Then from there, Nicole and I have developed a few little ideas of how everyone's dynamics develop, both with Ash and Gary, Ash and Hazel's platonic relationship, and of course Hazel and Elliot. We also envisioned this would take place in Cerulean, which means Gary and Ash having jobs there and Ash is married of course to none other than Misty! And they have a couple of kids too. :aww:

To mention a couple little things about Hazel and Elliot, they are two years apart. Making him eighteen and she sixteen. He is of an intellectual type, much like her with wit and brains. Though he might be a tad more worldly, and more knowledgeable seeing he's older. Elliot also bares an intimidating apperance to most, having piercings and tattoos. But this doesn't bother Hazel. She's not the kind of person to judge a book by its cover but by it's text. She tends to call him out on his behavior a lot, but shows a caring side as well.

As their relationship grows, they develop a subtle friendship. A sweet gesture on Hazel's part would be bringing Elliot home cooked meals, because she constantly sees him with a takeout box rather than Tupperware. XD Nicole's brilliant idea! They eventually feel comfortable with one another to allow subtle flirting and sharing of feelings and stories. In the process, Hazel allows Elliot to let his guard down, and show a softer side to him. While he, makes her think about life and its choices on a deeper level. I can see them both getting something positive out of their friendship. Another little detail would describe how they are both artistic. We envisioned Hazel as a visual artist, learning by Tracey possibly, and Elliot, being into alternative rock/metal music. And well, tattoo designs. :meow: I've also envisioned him teaching her how to play the guitar too! :)  

Though their relationship isn't a bed full of roses. Ash doesn't care for Elliot because of his cocky attitude ( and being with Gary) and he's not the only one who feels this way. Following the stereotypical formula of being an overprotective father, Jay doesn't care for Elliot as well, leaving Delia and Misty to be the voice of reason. Nicole in particular, mention Jay not approving of an "older man" dating his daughter. lol. Elliot usually trying to intimidate people, ends up being intimidated by Jay, thus ensues more silly drama as he tries to impress Hazel's father. But in the end, Nicole and I have conjured that Elliot and Hazel learn a lot from their experiences and with that he asks her to travel with him in the most romantic way possible. :love: 

As we both struggle with this, we have too many projects and stories to attend to all at once. Hopefully, Nicole and I would like to think that we could collab and write a fic based upon this concept. And when we do, we'll let you all know! In the mean time, we will definitely try to do more drawings of these two complementary characters. :la:

Furthermore, as in depth in character as Elliot is, he is still a work in progress. Which means we still have more details to attend to. This also means we are currently not accepting any input. This is our little creation, and while we appreciate enthusiasm and interest, we would like to be the ones to deliver a solid backstory and characters to you all. After all, we should be the ones doing the work while you guys enjoy! :D

By the way, this pose is a reference I got from the styling book, Shojo Fashion Manga Art School. The background and clothes I totally made up. 

Hazel Ketchum and Elliot (needs a last name) (c) MilkywayScribbles and Simply-Nicole DO NOT USE WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. 


Guess what guys? I am going to start college this fall, and I earned a spot in the highest English class! :nuu: Yay! And this is important to me because English will either be my major or minor. I am so insanely happy, I can't help but express it!!! :dummy: I guess constantly writing my fanfics really gave me a boost during testing. lol. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you guys, and thank again all those who have been reading my stuff. It means a lot. 

Also, though I am super excited yet nervous to start school, it will fill up a good part of my schedule, which means I will not be on often this fall. But no worries! With things beginning to flow more smoothly at home, I will still make time for art and writing. I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. :meow:
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Welcome everyone to my Deviantart page!

I am a huge fan of the Pokemon series and have done many fanart pieces, but I also intend to let my gallery expand! I am now more open to doing original art (in a traditional form) as well as photography, and fashion designs. The traditional art will be in forms of prisma markers and digital art through Gimp. Also if you are interested in any my fanfics (mostly Pokemon), they are located on my Fanfiction account.

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