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Ketchum Children Sketchdump by MilkywayScribbles
Ketchum Children Sketchdump
I've been meaning to make designs for Ash and Misty's children for a long time, and at last got around to it. :D I'm not sure if I'll actually stick with these characters or not, but if anything it was good practice at designing characters.

The one on the top is the eldest, Oceana. I found the name to be very pretty, and of course its name having to do with ocean would be something Misty couldn't resist. :meow: She has a lot of spunk to her personality, and can have a bit of a temper like her mother. Sometimes she gets ahead of herself out of excitement, similar to Ash, and definitely likes to stand on her own two feet. However, when is a serious situation she plays the part of big sister well, and does her best to be a good role model for her younger siblings. Oceana is most certainly the lively one of the family, and is close with both her parents. Also her eyes are a mixture of her parents, earning the brown from her father and the tint of sea-green from her mom, making them a hazel/olive tone. And as a last note, she has an admiration for water Pokemon! :aww:

The second eldest, is their son Noah, who is kind of the opposite of his sister. He is much more of a logical thinker, but has a need to go exploring and learn. He's very fascinated with his surroundings, and studies continuously, whether that be school or Pokemon. He is very much a hard worker, but he can definitely let lose and have fun too. Though he sometimes gets a little too cocky and confident, but eventually grows out of this trait (hence: another comparison to Ash). Plus, he out of all the kids has a special love for our elderly Pikachu. Aww! The shade of his hair is much more similar to Misty's, and his eyes are a close resemblance to his grandfather (my OC for Ash's daddy: Jayce, who preferred NOT to be called a GRANDFATHER and INSISTS he is not getting up there in age. Accept the truth man! lol.)

And lastly their youngest, Daphne Penelope is the family's little angel. She is nothing but sweet (similar to Delia), and takes after her physically very much as well. Though her eyes are more like Misty's. She is super easy to get along with, and is the most docile out of three. Conflict is something she dislikes being caught up in the middle of, and usually has to look at the glass half-full when her older sister and brother butt heads. She is also more on the girly side than Oceana, and likes to fantasize romantic situations or heroes winning great battles. Daphne holds the title of being an optimist, and has a love for Pokemon and nature.

And you're probably all thinking why in the world is her name Daphne Penelope? Well when I was  picking a name for her, I was torn between those two names. Then it made me think of a little scenario: maybe Ash and Misty were struggling on deciding a name, so they decided to use both the names they picked. Misty of course having her chosen name go first (cause it's Misty lol), followed by Ash's (and for some reason I just see him randomly picking a name like Penelope. I dunno. It's fun, quirky, and just sounds like something he'd suggest!). And there you have Daphne Penelope!

I know none of their hair color EXACTLY matches Ash and Misty's, but seeing their color is radically different, I wanted to blend the shades together and give each child their own look. This was surely a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went forward with these designs, even if I decide to use them or not.

All of what is stated above is what I have currently developed. If I decide to pursue this idea, I will eventually figure out more in due time, so I am not taking anyone's input on their character development as of now. These are my OC's, and while I appreciate people taking the time to leave feedback, I will ultimately decide how to take these characters to the next level. But thank you very much for viewing and/or expressing your interest/feedback. :heart: It means a lot!

Oceana, Noah, and Daphne Penelope (c) moi

Guess what guys? I am going to start college this fall, and I earned a spot in the highest English class! :nuu: Yay! And this is important to me because English will either be my major or minor. I am so insanely happy, I can't help but express it!!! :dummy: I guess constantly writing my fanfics really gave me a boost during testing. lol. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you guys, and thank again all those who have been reading my stuff. It means a lot. 

Also, though I am super excited yet nervous to start school, it will fill up a good part of my schedule, which means I will not be on often this fall. But no worries! With things beginning to flow more smoothly at home, I will still make time for art and writing. I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. :meow:
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Welcome everyone to my Deviantart page! I am a huge fan of the Pokemon series and have done many fanart pieces, but I also intend to let my gallery expand! I am now more open to doing original art (in a traditional form) as well as photography, and fashion designs. The traditional art will be in forms of prisma markers, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, and possibly more. Also if you are interested in any my fanfics (mostly Pokemon), they are located on my Fanfiction account.

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